to the home of Paschall Access Solutions (PASS) for short, we are a multi-functional Access Technology, Mentorship and Independence servicing company from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Our Services are wide-ranging and ever-growing, we began as an instructional training organization dedicated to the advancement of Access Technology that can provide aid to the blind population, thus giving this community tools for a living; including technologies and software's that can help educate, obtain and maintain employment and lifetime skills. Below are a few of our training services.

Access Technologies

  • - Voice-Over (VO)
  • - JAWS Screen reader
  • - Magic/Zoom Text/Fushion
  • - Nvada

Digital Employment

  • - Career targeting and setting realistic goals
  • - Professional Etiquette
  • - Social networking for success (SNFS)
  • - Digital Employment searching (DES)
  • - Required skill set Identification (RSSI)

Microsoft Offices

  • - Word
  • - Excel
  • - Outlook
  • - Internet Explorer, Firefox, Edge, Safari (Web Browsers)
For a full detailed list of our services please visit our services page.