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Special Episode! Fallen Squirrel Studio accessible game creator Dave Evans interview on (The Vale)

Accessible mainstream gaming for the blind is in full gear, we interview Dave Evans of the upcoming Xbox and PC game (The Vale) and uncover several jewels. Come find out what is behind audio gaming, the storyline of this amazing project for the blind community and some game goodies! This interview is exclusively brought to you by Jay and #ATW360 “Where The Access Technology Revolution Begins”

ATW360 enters the Virtual Matrix at the NFB-2020 Convention!

We have the scoop on accessibility! Including new features for the Kindle and Fire Tablets (Voice View & Magnification options); New Windows Narrator goodies & Magnification for low vision users, including (Mag with Speech); NFB & Autonomous Vehicles, plus totally awesome accessibility for shopping at Target! Get the wings baby, the voice of the blind is back! Access Tech Watch 360 “Where the Access Technology Revolution Begins”

Google Meet Video Conferencing “A more secure conference world”

Escape the chance of conference hacking from conference trolls and weirdos with the keyboard short-cut rich alternative (Google Meet). Zoom out from a less secure world and back into this (free) end to end encryption filled meeting monster. Jay drives this #BlindPod through both the (iOS & Browser) versions of Google Meet. We always deliver the best baby! “The Worlds Best Blind Pod on the Planet” #ATW360

Summer 2018 "Get your Movie Fix with the Accessible Netflix" VoiceOver Ready

Its time to quench your movie thirst with unbeatable audio descriptive content with Netflix. customize your experience, set up profiles, control parental settings and more. ATW360 will guide you through this great Accessible Entertainment, brought to you by PaschallAccessSolution.com Get your Accessibility On, with the Worlds best totally blind produced pod cast!

Listen to "The Accessible Netflix" pod cast

Seeing artificially, gaining independence and freedom, the Microsoft Seeing AI App, join the revolution!

Get a look into the future of normalcy for the blind, with the Seeing AI App. This product can change mobility, awareness and give confidence to the blind. Jay drives us through the features of this amazing product. We thank Microsoft for the information and Apple for making Pro Logic accessible (4 and by the blind. Paschall Access Solutions, (215-948-2282).

Black Friday/Holiday Edition #ATW360 featuring the Accessible Groupon and (A Blind Legend audio game) Apps!

The world's best blind produced pod cast is back, Access Tech Watch-360, just in time for the holiday season. Open your senses as Jay guides the listener through the bargain app (group on) and also takes the listener on a blind legend audio game journey. Produced for and by the blind using Pro-Logic with voice over, Apple Loops may have been used; provided by Paschall Access Solutions.

OMG! No home button on the iPhone X, and the MS Outlook app!

Yes, we are back again with another accessible pod cast for the blind, this time with the iPhone X and MS Outlook app. Crank the speakers or get Alexa ready, and enjoy our latest and greatest. With no home button we will show you how to use this incredible device, plus the basics of MS Outlook for the iPhone. This is accessible instruction and entertainment at its best. All of our pod casts are created for, and by the blind, and may have used Apple Loops.

The Revolution Begins!

We are here, #ATW360 formally the quick tech moment, and better than ever! Here's our intro pod, "The Revolution Begins" A division of Paschall Access Solutions, (MyPass.success@gmail.com 215-948-2282). Everything was created using Pro Tools and JAWS, and may have used the Apple Loops

Listen to "The Revolution Begins" pod cast
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