to the home of Paschall Access Solutions (PASS) for short, we are a multi-functional Access Technology, Mentorship and Independence servicing company from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

(PASS) Professional Training services

Access Technology Training

This training offers instruction on an array of access technologies (AT) if needed, an essential skill set is necessary for many of our other services, such as "Professional workplace applications"; the following list our most popular (AT) trainings.

JAWS screen reader -

Learn the basics of using this popular screen reader application designed for the blind, found in most government and commercial workplaces. PASS covers navigating and using the menu and help systems, customizing voices and punctuation, using the necessary "Key combinations," for general use and more. This application is used in conjunction with others to help the blind surf the internet, create resumes, maintain a computer, connect with friends and family, order food and household goods and more.

NVDA (free screen reader) -

Is capable of performing many of the same tasks as JAWS, with a full community of resources, add-on's and constantly improving with updating, available for Windows only.

Magic/Zoom Text/Fusion -

Learn the basics of these low vision applications for those needing a little help with reading a computer screen. These applications provide the ability to shrink and enlarge text, zoom in and out of the window, change the color and contrast of text, change the background color, pan a screen for better viewing, customize individual websites or applications system. Note: The "Fusion" application combines the best of both (AT) worlds for the low vision user; meaning the power of JAWS comes included for those who have little vision but still require auditory help.

Voice-Over (VO) -

For IOS, including iPhone, iPad, and MAC computer systems; the voice-over application is a mobile and default screen reader for iDevices and the MAC, this ever-growing training has become very popular over the last few years, especially the iPhone training with (VO). PASS trains the user on the basis for using an iPhone as a cell phone and a mobile access technology and independence device. The training includes using targeted colors and reading letters or documents, identifying currency, reading books and much more. PASS has realized that the iDevices can become a vital part of our client's daily lives, and within a single device. Mobile web browsing and social networking come with this training for those with more advanced abilities, application integration with home computers and mobile apps can help a client stay "in tune" with employers, family, and friends in real time.

*Note: For those not needing (VO) we also train our clients on the low vision or magnification (AT) included with iDevices, all objectives of the (VO) training are included.