to the home of Paschall Access Solutions (PASS) for short, we are a multi-functional Access Technology, Mentorship and Independence servicing company from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

(PASS) Professional Training services

Professional Development

Learn key objectives of success for gaining employment or continuing education, our approach can be for an individual or group setting, the following list some of our training opportunities:

Career targeting and setting realistic goals -

We mentor the client in creating a career bucket list of rational, approachable objectives for gaining employment; this will include methodologies for reaching each goal. For example, utilizing background research, connecting with targeted companies for pre-employment opportunities and employment workshops.

Professional Etiquette -

Identifying best practices for pre-employment, including emailing and telephone communication, dressing for success, custom resume and cover letter preparation, interview preparation, skill building and more.

Social networking for success (SNFS) -

This training approach utilizes the power of social networking to help the client gain employment through popular digital networking websites, such as "LinkedIn, Facebook, and twitter." Today's employers give great information via their social networking websites, we guide our clients through targeted opportunities found in these sites for gaining employment. Many of these employers sites have "groups," that job seekers can join, to get insight into an employer, and work for an employer.

Digital Employment Searching (DES) -

PASS trains the client on using the most effective job searching websites for gaining employment. Which includes uploading and updating customized and specific resume and cover letters, creating job alerts to get a notification when a created job search is updated with information, utilizing job filters for specific criteria, such as a company or location and more.

Required skill set identification (RSSI) -

PASS identifies a client's current skill set by our career skills assessment (CSA), which upon completion, gives our professionals a snap-shot into our client's abilities; from this point and individual service plan (ISP) is created for building, polishing or learning a required skill for employment or education.