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(PASS) Professional Training services

Professional Workplace Applications

Microsoft (MS) Office Suite - Learn the basics of this popular productivity suite of selected applications used in the workplace and the educational environment. PASS instructs trainees on the most common and widely used applications found in this popular suite of productivity tools. Through our experience, we have found that most workplaces and educational facilities require knowledge on several if not all of the following (MS) applications.

Word -

Learn the basics of the interface, ribbon and tab system, how to professionally format documents with font and page formatting; learn how to implement tables and create usable forms and more. Basic knowledge of (MS) Word is essential when creating resumes and cover letters, writing reports, and even professional emails.

Excel -

Learn the basics of using the interface and ribbon system, creating professional workbooks and spreadsheets, moving within a grid and navigating between multiple spreadsheets; creating formulas, font and formatting a spreadsheet, editing individual cells, protecting spreadsheets and more.

Outlook -

Learn the basics of the interface, ribbon system, how to browse, open and read emails, forwarding and replying to emails, moving between the various folders (inbox/outbox/deleted items), sending, opening and saving attachments. Also, learn how to use the (MS) Calendar found in Outlook, this includes creating, viewing, opening and accepting appointments, navigating the calendar’s date and time slots, viewing tasks and more.

Internet Explorer and FireFox, Safari, and Edge (Web Browsers) -

Learn the basics of using the internet for job searching, social networking, entertainment and even grocery shopping. PASS covers internet basics such as opening a website, navigating a website and opening links, filling out job applications and forms, creating favorites for quickly opening websites that mean the most to the client, Google and other internet searching websites, best practices for internet safety, such as anti-virus protection and more.