to the home of Paschall Access Solutions (PASS) for short, we are a multi-functional Access Technology, Mentorship and Independence servicing company from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

"Helping our loved ones maintain self-reliance and independence through personal and dignified transportation"

Our Mission

To provide professional and dignified transportation services to the elder/matured and disabled populations, by personally accompanying and assisting each client during every transport; thus, helping to promote self-reliance, gain or maintain independence and sustain an honest living within their community.

How PASS transport got started

The owner of PASS Transport became blind due to a personal tragedy, amongst losing his eyesight, he also lost much of his independence due to the lack of competent, reliable and empathetic public transportation available for specialized populations. Even with the convenient, accessible public transportation solutions, and services such as Uber /Lift, and CCT to name a few; he realized there is a long gap quietly not mentioned for specialized needs riders. Some questions that concerned him were: What happens after the passenger exits off or out of the vehicle? What if the rider needs an escort and a helping hand to decide which bargain is the best at the grocery store? What if the rider is low-vision or blind and needs guidance during the service? The sad answer is nothing will happen because there is no company to provide these services until NOW!

What services do we offer our ridership?

  • Courteous and personable door to door pick up and drop off
  • 2-hour total service time (including grocery bag drop off)

*Note: if service time exceeds 2 hours, drop off and pick up is required; these transports usually are for hair appointments or theatre type transport, call for more information.

  • Individual escort and guidance during the service includes: assisting with grocery purchases, product description (for low vision/blind) and bargain shopping help (riders must be prepared with list)
  • Transportation services include the following location types:
    • Local casinos and malls
    • Grocery stores and restaurants
    • Bingo halls and religious institutions
    • Banks, libraries, family/friend visits and more

How can you sign up for this service and find out more?

You may directly call PASS Transport to discuss individual or group pricing, setting up a Client Profile for you, a family member or your senior center, assistant living facility or religious institution at the following telephone number: 267-538-4624 267-538-4624

"We are more than just a transportation service; We are your family"